Monday, March 4, 2013

Daddy/Daughter Dance

Yesterday was the annual Butterfly Kisses Daddy/Daughter Ball. Lulu looks forward to it all year long.  Teddy helped get Lulu all dressed and ready to go.

My new favorite picture of my babies:

Real Life:

We haven't mastered the fine art of video blogging, but Lulu always asks anyway.  Maybe someday Teddy will sit still and the video won't be quite so crazy. A girl can dream...

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Friday, June 22, 2012

Lulu turns FOUR!

My Lu on her 4th birthday:

Monday, May 14, 2012

Sliding with Ted

So, last week, Lee was in Texas for work so we sneaked to Aunt Katie's for a couple of days. The night we got there she treated is to a bounce place. Teddy loved it. The poor kid knows no fear. He loves to be wrestled, thrown, or manhandled. I think his love language is touch.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Thank you, Ethan!

Who is Ethan, you may ask...

The other day I was dropping Lee off at his quarterly LAN party (that is a story for another day...).  As we were pulling away I saw a garage sale (actually the whole neighborhood was one big garage sale).  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a green anywhere chair from PBKids.

I have been wanting an anywhere chair for Lulu for a couple years.  When my in-laws asked what to get Lulu for Christmas 2010 and Christmas 2011, I responded "an anywhere chair."  We got a babydoll and a polkadot bean bag  (Why even ask? I digress).

I walked up, looked it over to make sure it wasn't disgusting and saw that it was in perfect condition except, it has "Ethan" embroidered on it.  No biggie!

I walked up to the card table to pay for my purchase, and the lady says, " you have a little Ethan at home?"

"Nope, but I do have a seam ripper and a Pottery Barn catalog.  One of those will work."

She had no response. 

Thanks, Ethan.
Everyone in our house likes the chair.  Lulu and Teddy have been fighting over it.  Gandalf likes it too.
Hey Gandalf, point to "Ethan."  Such a smart kitty.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Good News

Teddy fits in the dolly stroller.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

hey, hey, hey updated blogger.

What I see most days when I open the van door:  Lulu likes to sit on Teddy's lap.  He seems to like (aka tolerate) it for a couple of seconds.

Our favorite springtime spot.  Feeding the ducks at Brucemore.

My favorite girl and I.  She insisted on being twins in matching pink turtlenecks.

Lulu's other new favorite activity:  Getting in Teddy's crib first thing in the morning to give him his sippy cup of milk.  And yes, she is in full on princess gear before 8am.

We posed with Lee's car.  He bought it before we got married.  We have had it for more than seven years, one cross-country honeymoon trip, two homes, two kids, and three minor collisions (I hit it twice and Lee smushed it against the garage once).  I may have shed a few tears.  I tend to get attached to things.  I get attached to the sentimental value of them.

On the way to Easter Eve at Nanny's.  Sadly, this is the best shot I got of the two if them that day.

Cousin Sammy and Ted sharing toys at Nanny's.  (Who is that dapper uncle lounging in the background?)

Family picture at Nanny's.


Papa was helping Teddy find eggs.

Getting ready for the Bunny hop

Easter morning

Whole family on Easter morning

Who could resist that round face?

Trying our best to keep the babies entertained at Easter lunch.  Lee's grandma picked a not so kid friendly place and invited other family members who were 40 minutes late.  All of this added up to taking turns walking the kids around outside while the other one ate.  I'm glad it is over.

He is risen.